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"Once a thief, always a thief." -- Anonymous

Records of Illusion are unknown of until he was of the age of 10. By that time he had lived the life of a vagrant child, always on the run from authority and fending for himself on the streets of Midgaard.

It was around this time that he was noticed by a high ranking member of the Den of Thieves, whose control of various sections of the city were pertinent to Illusion's furth upbringing. Illusion was taken into the Den of Thieves and was immediately seen as a lost son to many of the members. Fostered by the love and teachings from the other members, Illusion grew rapidly, learning the many nuances that would make him one of the best thieves Midgaard has known.

By the time Illusion had reached 21, he had become one of the most powerful, most influentual thieves in the city. Here Illusion faced a difficult decision. Should he go to the temple and pray for immortality to be bestowed upon him, or search for further knowledge by becoming a powerful ninja; an offshoot from the Den of Thieves. Illusion felt that he was prepared for the honors and knowledge that came with immortality, so he prayed and was granted the gift of immortality.

Immortality did not suit Illusion tho'. He was too used to the life of the thief, and the riches of mortal life. Seeing the successes and failures of his fellow thieves, Illusion decided to drink from the cup of mortality and continue his learning as a ninja. His skills as a thief quickly made him an agile, and avid learner of the martial arts. Before long, and much sooner than anyone had thought possible, Illusion was able to petition for immortality again. Due largely to the support of his friends, and longtime acquantices, he was accepted and granted Immortality for the second time.

Illusion again attempted to live the life of an immortal, but his wicked heart was not in it yet again. From his position high upon the clouds, he could see a small band of powerful holy warriors known as paladins who were killing off his fellow thieves and ninjas. It was then that he again became mortal in hopes of becoming a Dark Paladin to face those of good in combat. Much to his shagrin, Illusion realized too late that by becoming a paladin, his soul was slowly turning toward good. Spells and skills which he used were driving out the pain and wickedness that had harbored within him since his birth, leaving behind a mild temperment and good-natured humor.

Despite all attempts to return to the dark side, Illusion found himself liking the world of good, and quickly became a champion for justice and truth. Upon reaching the Realm of Immortality once again, Illusion chose to continue along the path chosen for him and remain an immortal. As such, he has helped where he could, and enforced the rules set by the other gods before him. He is currently of Immortal ranking, and helps to curb random acts of violence, making the world of mortality a much better place.

NOTE: To find out a little more about Illusion's real life personality check out here.

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