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Welcome to my Mud Page! What are muds? I won't delve into that subject since others already have. However, in a nutshell, muds are text-based online games where many people are able to interact with each other in a fantasy, medieval atmosphere; thus Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs).

One of the largest appeals of muds is their elegant simplicity, as well as the oppurtunity to become someone who you otherwise would not be. Where else could you fight monsters with both magic and sword, meet players from around the world, and be any number of races (besides the boring human one we're stuck with normally). Muds allow people to escape reality for awhile, as well as make lasting friendships through virtual struggles.

The primary purpose of this page is to serve as a reference guide for Stick in the Mud; the mud I play when I have the time.

Stick in the Mud (SitM)

Stick in the Mud is a well-establish mud with a ROM based coding structure. As such, there are 50 mortal levels, and 10 Immortal Levels with Level 60 being Implementor status.

Wishful dreams What makes SitM different? There must be some reasons why people play there and keep coming back year after year. The obvious answer would be the people who play there. It is the most social mud that I have seen in a long time, and once you get a few friends, your stuck in the mud; so to speak. Recently, when I asked everyone why they played there, I got answers ranging from 'Cause stick rocks!!!' to 'The enlightening discussions!'. Either way, its the people that make a mud, not code.

*** NEWS ***

June 16, 2001 --- NEW
Once again our illustrious Implementors have made some outstanding changes in the mud's code in our most recent reboot. Highlights tend toward things the average player will never notice, but lend themselves to more efficient mudding. Probably the biggest changes were made to our 'help' file organization. New files have been added, and the overall structure made more 'newbie' friendly. Enjoy! :)
Oct. 5, 2000 - T-Shirt Design Chosen
The design has been chosen, and the winner was Grimbold's design. (Kill me, kill me now) For more information, mudmail Jenna or check out the actual note that's posted at SitM.

Aug. 7, 2000 - T-Shirt Offer
Would you like to show your SitM pride everywhere you go?! Sure ya do. Jenna has put up a brand new website asking for designs for a SitM t-shirt!! Rules and further information concerning the project are posted on the site.

NOTE: Designs must be emailed to her by AUGUST 31st for consideration. Designs can be either pictoral (.jpg or .gif submissions only) or written.

Apr. 12, 1999 - SitM Moving
Well, GOOD NEWS folks!! Despite it all, Paruda has somehow found us a new server!! SitM has been in effect REINCARNATED. Come check us out again; same mud, new site. The following addresses should work: 9000 9000 9000 9000

See ya on the mud!!
- Illu

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This page was last updated on June 23rd, 2001 by Illusion: Stick in the Mud