Guide to Stick in the Mud - Rules & Regulations
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Stick in the Mud
Rules & Regulations

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What is Stick in the Mud?

Stick in the Mud (SitM) is an addictive online computer game. It is text based much like any MUD (Multi-User Dungeon), but it allows for interaction between people all across the world. With a fantasy-style atmosphere, players can choose their races, what class (profession) they wish to be, as well as what skills or spells they wish to learn during their journeys. Stick in the Mud is best known for its social capabilities and has been named Mud of the Month in previous years.

Rules of Conduct

Just like any game, there are rules for playing online games such as muds. Stick in the Mud is no different, but the rules are more common sense than anything. My own personal remarks are in italics.
  1. Foul language is not tolerated on public channels or in the company of those who have not indicated consent to its usage in their presence.
    ( Don't Swear on public channels )
  2. Personal harassment of any form is not permitted. Anyone who engages in acts of personal abuse, sexual harassment, racism, bigotry, stalking, or other such acts, will be dealt with severely.
    ( There is a difference between sarcasm and harassment )
  3. No spamming. No spamming. No spamming. No spamming. No spamming.
    ( Spam is defined as saying the same thing over and over again. Mistakes happen, but more than five of the same thing is bound to get some remarks )
  4. Players with multiple characters may not use one character to assist the other in ANY way.
    ( Multiple characters CAN logged in at the same time. However, immortals do check and if you are caught helping your own characters, punishments are severe to the point of deletion.
  5. Characters may not be loaned, given away, or shared. It is the responsibility of each player to keep his or her passwords secure.
    ( You are responsible for any actions your character does )
  6. Exploitation of bugs is not tolerated.
    ( If you notice a bug or typo, use the commands [bug] or [typo] to report them to an Immortal )
  7. When reincarnating: You can only "take it with you" if you can justify to ANY and EVERY 53+ who inquires as to the validity of the "personal" nature of any particular "unique item". These "personal" items are those that are "useless" in function, and whose sole purpose is your personal enjoyment. In addition, you MAY NOT give items away to ANY other character before reincarnating.
      NOTE:The above is written as the intention of the Implementors. Not following
      the above rule will very likely result in immediate deletion due to causing
      the IMPs' blood pressure to rise.  DO NOT EXPECT ANY LENIENCY.
    ( If you think you're doing something wrong, you probably are )

Not following these simple rules will lead to punishments. These can be anything from warnings to denial of channel privileges (nochanneling). A major felony may lead to deletion or a siteban. Note that your presence at Stick in the Mud is a privilege, not a right. This MUD is run on a volunteer basis and punishments may be handed down without warning or justification. Ignorance of the rules is not a defense, so try to follow them and everyone will be happier.

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This page was last updated on February 7th, 1998 by Illusion: Stick in the Mud