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Stick in the Mud
Player Guide

Welcome to the Stick in the Mud Player Guide.

This guide is meant for players of Stick in the Mud (Sitm), and is therefore geared specifically to the areas, monsters, equipment, and playing format of SitM. Therefore, in preparing this page, I have assumed the following:

  1. You are familiar with what MUDs are and basically how to play them.
  2. You are already a player at SitM (Level 1 or above).
  3. You want to become a better, more knowledgeable player.
NOTE: If you are unsure of what MUDs are, please check out this wonderful MUD FAQ written by Jennifer Smith.

This guide is not meant to be a "cheat sheet" or "miracle cure" for those players who just can't seem to do well at SitM. The suggestions I make here are solely what has worked for me, and may not work for everyone. So use your own judgement.

Since it is lengthy, I've divided the guide into two seperate pages: one for evil characters, one for good characters. Within each of these pages there are level categories as well which have three subcategories each General, Equipment, and Areas. Pay particular attention to anything in bold, or italics.

Good luck!

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Player Listing


colored sphereWho plays at SitM? There are two basic categories: Immortals and Mortals. Immortals are essentially there to improve the game atmosphere and to institute order and justice in various circumstances. Mortals are there to have fun! For a more complete listing of players go to the incomplete player index. It's added/subtracted from occasionally so its handy to see where people are, or how to contact them. So, try it out!

NOTE: Feel free to email me with updates on player information, but I will probably not update the player index page until 2001.

At least counter Stick in the Mud players have checked this page out. Spread the word!!

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Feel free to send me suggestions for additions or deletions. This is meant to benefit beginning and experienced players at Stick in the Mud, so anyone who fits those categories can add their comments.

This page was last updated on June 23rd, 2001 by Illusion: Stick in the Mud