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Stick in the Mud
3rd Semi-Annual
Stickie Awards

Here is a quick list of the winners in no particular order...

Mudder most likely to survive halcyon                 Follower
Coolest notes                                         Rob
Most likely to end up on Interpols most wanted list   Grym
Most annoying                                         Dictionary
Craziest                                              Grym
Coolest mortal                                        Follower
Coolest immortal                                      Blinky
Worst speller/typer                                   Blinky
Silliest                                              Talula
Best Clan                                             Lionpride
Most addicted                                         Rob
Meanest                                               Quicksilver
Best killer                                           Illusion
Most famous                                           Stick
Best website                                          Rob (for
Fastest leveller                                      Corvette
Best couple                                           Zeroburn & Reyna
Most knowledgable mortal                              Tigerman
Most likely to be mistaken for a mob                  Raistlen
Most likely to be nochanneled                         Dictionary
Most loved                                            Nyte
Favorite Movie                                        Braveheart
Favorite Actor                                        David Ducoveny
Favorite Band                                         U2
Favorite Song                                         Josie for blink182
Favorite Book                                         The Magician by Raymond E Feist

NOTE: To view the entire dialog, you can view that by clicking here. It includes all channel dialogs, as well as comments from the winners themselves!! -- Credits to Rob.

Congratulations to all the winners!!

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