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Stick in the Mud

There is a specific hierarchy set up for the immortal levels (51-60). Each position adds a new level of responsibility with the level 60's (Implementors) actually doing the coding and mud maintaining. The other levels basically add to the mud environment and assist in handing down punishments and keeping order. Below is a listing of the immortals at Stick in the Mud, and some have links to their webpages.

Note: This is not by far a complete listing, but a listing of the ones I see regularly.
If you notice that some links are down, and you know the updated ones, please mudmail me about them :)

Implementors (60)
Paruda     Stick  

Creators (59)
(none that I know of)

Supreme Gods (58)
Blinky     Nyte

Deities (57)

Gods (56)
Jemstone      MasterMind

Immortals (55)
Illusion     Rei     Squeaky

Demigods (54)
Alt     Falcon     Fourec     Grimbold     Kiera
Maggie     Midknight     Peter     Princess     Tofu     Wily     Zeroburn

Angels (53)
Siona     Mircalla     Stasis     Trent

Avatars (52)
Greymalkin     HAL     Http     Dagger     Gray     

Heroes (51)
Mercury     Sym     ShoinRyu     Angel     Logain    
Scarlet     Morningdew     Potch

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This page was last updated on September 6th, 2000 by Illusion: Stick in the Mud